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IWI Galil Setup for Kalash Bash

As we said before AKs come in all different kinds of variants. The IWI Galil is a classic example as Brett illustrates in this piece. It was his choice to go and compete with at Kalash Bash 2022. Some of the things that sets his Galil apart are adjustable gas piston from KNS Precision, an ALG trigger, aJMAC Custom break, and topped it with a Vortex optic. Both guys chose to use the Magpul mags and speak very highly of them. All of these parts and accessories can be found here at the store and if they are not in stock we will work to get them for you. Watch the video and get Brett’s personal take on this lead spitter.

We are very proud that both guys ended up in the top 60 out of 300 shooters. They are here to help you grow in your competition fever or just to customize your rifle.

We hope to be offering several items listed in the videos in our online store in the not so distant future. In the mean time come on in to our brick and mortar location here in Manhattan or contact us in any number of ways.