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Details of AK used for Kalash Bash Part 1

AKs come in all kinds of configurations and variants. Jeremy Wood is going to break down the personalization of his Zastava M70. This 762×39 lead faucet is tricked out with some key components beginning with the Magpul stock and the US Palm pistol grip along with an ALG trigger paired with the Krebs Custom safety.

Jeremy also runs an Attero Arms optic mount topped with a Holosun 509T. He also rocks the KNS Precision piston. Jeremy also runs a JMAC break. Keep in mind all of the items can be bought through us here at American Cash Exchange. watch the video below more details.

Stay tuned as we build this website and soon many of these items will be available through our online store. In the mean time come on in and purchase in person and get some savvy advice from our knowledgable staff.